Avocado and Asparagus Fries – YUM


195e370cb38111e1aebc1231381b647a_7   e6b262bc407311e2949722000a1f90e1_7Above are just two different occasions when I made avocado fries. The first picture is actually the first time I ever made them for my boyfriend!

I have made avocado fries and asparagus fries multiple times and each time they have been mouth-watering. They are a perfect side for any dish, particularly when you’re eating fish or burgers, or better yet, a mix, salmon burgers!

The best part about this recipe is that it isn’t limited to avocados or asparagus. Recently, the idea of making veggies into “healthy fries” has been blowing up all over Pinterest and food blogs. This post is  jumping on the bandwagon! I LOVE avocado fries because of the crunchy outside and soft, tasty inside. I’ve also come up with a signature Sriracha sauce, (which isn’t too hot because I’m a pansy when it comes to spicy food…) which is perfect to pair with any kind of fries.

First things first, there are two ways to make these fries. They are delicious both ways but the first way takes a little more work and is a little less healthy.


The first way to make these fries is to fry them in canola oil on the stove in a frying pan. As always, heat the pan first (keep it on medium-high heat or the fries will burn quickly,) then add about an inch of oil. It just occurred to me that you could probably use coconut-oil, too, which would add flavor but remember, coconut oil, like avocados, has a lot of fat, so be precarious. If it’s that kind of week, hey, what’s stopping you? In order to see if the oil is ready, let a drop of water fall into the pan. The oil will sizzle and pop and then you will know that the pan is ready. After breading, add your veggie fries. Let them sit on one side for about 5-7 minutes or until they are golden brown. Beware, sometimes the oil will splash and it is very HOT. Stand clear! After they’ve browned, flip the fries onto the side that has been facing up. Even when these fries burn a little bit but that doesn’t make them taste bad, especially if you don’t mind the taste or mask it with the sauce. Once the fry is browned on both sides, take it out of the oil and put in on a plate that is lined with paper-towels in order to absorb oil.


This way of cooking is the healthier option and it takes a lot less work and attention. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and place a baking sheet inside. Once the oven is hot, take out the sheet and pour a couple lines of olive oil onto it. Spread the oil around so that it covers the entire baking sheet. Place each of the fries onto the sheet and sprinkle oil on top of them (don’t go crazy, remember this is healthy!). Cook the fries for about 10-12 minutes on one side and then check them. Make sure they’re browning properly, then flip each fry so the other side cooks. If you feel like you need to add a little more oil, feel free. After they’re done, take them out, turn the oven off and plate them.

Okay, so back to the original breading of the fries and the ingredients.

Here’s what you need for 2 people for Avocado Fries:

  • 2 avocados (The recipe works best when the avocados are JUST ripe and are still a little firm. If they’re too soft, they will fall apart when you’re breading them.)
  • Breadcrumbs (Panko or Original..I like to use both)
  • Seasonings (Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Garlic Salt) – I tend to just throw seasonings in, I’m not picky. If you know you don’t like something, then don’t put it in.
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 1/2 cups of flour
  • Olive Oil/Canola Oil (Depending on which method you use)

For asparagus fries:

If you want to make asaparagus fries, I usually about 15 stalks of asparagus and cut them into halves. With this vegetable, you have to make sure to cut off the bottom of the stalk, which is not typically ripe enough or edible. To tell where to cut, try bending the stalk and wherever it seems like it will snap, that’s where you should cut. Then cut that stalk in half, which just makes it easier to coat and bread in small dishes, if you want to keep them whole, that’s up to you. If you have asparagus that’s wilting, take it out of the fridge, sprinkle some water on it, then wrap it in a paper towel. Put the bundle back in the fridge for about 3 hours and they’ll firm up! The best part is, once they are breaded, they won’t even taste like they were wilting in the first place. Follow the same steps as you would for avocado fries but because of the shape, they’re a little harder to fry in the pan. I normally use the baking method.


In order to prep for the breading of the veggies, take out three bowls. Put the flour in one bowl, the a mix of the bread crumbs and  seasonings in another bowl and the egg (beaten), in the last bowl. If the large egg is smaller than you expected, add a splash of milk. Make sure not to add so much because it will water-down the egg bath too much. You just want enough liquid egg so that you can cover all your fries. Cut the avocados in half, pop the seed out, then slice them in vertical fry-like shapes. Take the baking sheet out of the oven at this point if you are planning on using the oven method. Do each fry individually. Start with the flour and cover the fry completely in a light coating of it. Shake it off so there are no clumps. Then move to the egg bath and cover the fry, again shaking off excess egg. Move the fry into the breadcrumb and seasoning mix and coat the fry completely. Place it on the baking sheet if you plan to bake the fries, and then repeat this step until all of the fries are done.

If you plan to pan-fry the fries, I recommend that you bread all of the fries first, then move on to frying. The veggies fry quickly so it makes things easier.

There, your fries are done!

This side can really be paired with any type of simple condiment, like ranch or a mayo, but after trying a few I’ve come to the conclusion that this sauce is my favorite. As I said earlier, I am a huge baby when it comes to spicy food. For example, I love sushi but I avoid wasabi as much as possible! Sriracha is a delicious type of hot sauce and in small doses, I can handle it.

Depending on how many fries you make, you can adjust the recipe. This amount is for the 2 person serving the avocado fry recipe listed earlier called for.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup of mayonnaise (I use the olive oil based one or a light mayo for health benefits)
  • 1 tbsp of Sriracha.. feel free to add more if you can deal with it!
  • 1 tsp of spicy mustard
  • 1 tbsp of Ranch dressing
  • A dash of pepper

Mix everything together in a small bowl and dip right from there! Sometimes I add a little lime juice to the sauce, too. This is just a simple sauce and it can be easily altered depending on your mood and your tastes. If you come up with something else that tastes good, let me know!

Happy, healthy eating!



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